Connect your e-invoicing initiative or solution to the platform and benefit from the robot features

  • The InvoiceSharing e-invoicing module is connected to most of the e-invoicing platforms
  • In case you do not have such an e-invoicing platform in place yet, you can also onboard suppliers directly to the InvoiceSharing e-invoicing network
  • Free for suppliers to onboard and send e-invoices

The Accounting Robot handles both PO and nonPO invoices

For PO invoices we:

  • Deliver >75% touchless processing of First Time Right invoices
  • Perform line-level PO matching, just by using the scraped/scanned OCR data

For NonPO invoices we:

  • Deliver >75% correct booking of accounting elements such as ledger account, cost center and tax code

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A proven record of fast implementations for quick ROI

Critical elements to achieve this are:

  • Language independence: we handle virtually every language as long the following characters are used: 0123456789
  • Prefab interfaces to >350 systems
  • No configuration of your ERP is required

Better Compliance in the AP process

Including a user friendly toolbox to set-up and manage accounting, legal, tax and intercompany compliance
You can handle and maintain multi-dimensional exceptions
It is ISO 27.001 certified

The InvoiceSharing functionalities are integrated with the Invoice-2-Pay solutions of our partners:

And is connected to the following ERP software:

Our FUTURE PROOF solution can function as a turbo on your current ERP

Onboarding Suppliers – Tips & Tricks

Key elements about our supplier onboarding approach:
  • This service is open (all standard formats) and free to suppliers (both onboarding and use)
  • Suppliers do not need to change their process or invoice format
  • Suppliers can use this portal to generate any kind of invoice for any of their customers at a small fee
  • We can support our clients with onboarding of their suppliers with a clear approach and resourceful “toolbox” to make this process as efficient and effective as possible.
  • Even for small suppliers!

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InvoiceSharing Labs

In InvoiceSharing Labs, we are applying the algorithms for other applications like:

  • Matching the Purchase Order with an unstructured contract scan (the 4-way match)
  • Matching Accounts Receivable invoices with scans of cheques
  • Master data normalization with AI
  • Intelligent Supplier Portal with touchless Vendor Onboarding